LineTime App

What is LineTime?

LineTime is a very successful game application, developed in Turin by the company Garycom Srl.
More precisely, it consists of a social game in which users have to chronologically order events, products, stories, etc., playing against other users.
The app will be adapted by adding content based on museum collections.

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Why do we use it?

The app is designed to make the visitor learn the process in a more fun and effective way.
In addition, Line-Time’s features make it the perfect tool for integrating Artificial Intelligence in order tohelp museums to learn more about the preferences and experiences of their visitors. The outcomes generated by the game’s users can be used to give them advice about future museums’ visits. In fact, museums events can be sponsored by the game and its community.
Moreover, the application gives visitors the possibility of receiving push notifications about promotions, which will be attained if the user wins some of the games.

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